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The Magic of Growing Mushrooms presented by Myc O. Phile

Hours and date:
01/19-2019 at 6:30 PM
Ann Arbor Friends Meeting House 420 Hill St, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Join MPS for our very first meeting of 2019 with guest Myc O. Phile who will present "The Magic of Growing Mushrooms."

For at least 5000 years, humans have had a close relationship with fungi for food, medicine and more. Many argue various fungi were integral to our development, from food and the ability to carry fire, to the development of medicines and mystical experiences. Yet in the West, we live in primarily fungiphobic or mycophobic society. The same can be said for the history of drug use and the associated societal stigmas.

Drug policy activist, environmentalist and mycological enthusiast Michael Williams (aka Myc O. Phile) has spent the past 15 years of his life breaking down these barriers and drawing the parallels between the war on drugs and consciousness, and our inherent societal fungiphobia and stigma against drugs. In the ‘Magic of Growing Mushrooms’, he will explore several methods of home cultivation for both edible and exotic species, their storage, usages and preparation, as well as the rich history and future of mushroom foraging, cultivation, use and prohibition. Attendees will be able to purchase small home small oyster mushroom kits, other edible cultures and spores.

Michael is on the Board of Directors for Students for Sensible Drug Policy and will be serving as Interim Vice-President of the new Michigan DanceSafe Chapter. He is also the founder of the FSU Mycology Club, a veteran member of Mycotopia and Shroomery online communities, and has experience working at over half a dozen mushroom farms. He has a B.S. in Applied Speech Communication with a Public Advocacy Concentration and Minor in Philosophy at Ferris State University. He is also currently less than a year from his degree in Chemistry. Aside from drugs, mushrooms, and politics, Myc also enjoys making music, writing, and community organizing.

All are welcome! We do not charge for this event, but we do ask for a donation to help with our costs.

Our group doesn't engage in or promote illegal activities during our meetings. Please do not join this group to buy or sell illegal substances. That's not what it's about.